Our Mission

Qabar Safai came into being due to all the right emotional and practical reasons. We strive to bring ease to Pakistani expats all over the world by enabling them to feel their deceased are taken care of.

The idea of Qabar Safai was incepted by the WASTI Brothers, who, perpetually were concerned about the graves of their deceased and wether they were taken care of. This task becomes increasingly difficult if a Pakistani is based abroad and has no one back home to tend to the honorable deceased.

Assuming rightfully that other might share the same concern, this business was conceived keeping in mind to make a bridge between Pakistani’s abroad and their deceased loved ones back home. The aim is not profits but to bring comfort to people and families living abroad by making sure their loved ones’ final resting place is treated with love and care.

The goal is simple, providing Grave care/tending services to all Pakistani’s living abroad and bringing them comfort by eliminating their stressful worries and concerns.

Qabar Safai took the opportunity, gathered, organized and trained a team of fully skilled professionals all over Pakistan who are to provide grave care/tending services to the deceased of any Pakistani around the globe requiring it.

Complete grave care will be provided which includes grave cleaning, grave restoration, wreath cleaning, flowering and watering etc.

Our Vision

We are QabarSafai.com

The Wasti brothers bring expats all over the world a unique offering for paying respect to their parents and loved ones that have been laid to rest in Pakistan.

As the final resting place in this world, graves hold a significant place in our hearts and many families worry that their ancestor’s graves are not getting the tender love and care they deserve. Trust us to take this responsibility for you.

Whether it’s cleaning the grave on a regular basis or adorning them with fresh, beautiful flowers, we offer a complete grave care and tending service – from anywhere in the world.

Simply go to qabarsafai.com for our complete list of services and to initiate the service – the rest is up to us.

We know how important the memory of your loved ones is – We Will Always Remember.